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Scott Milsom, bass player and founder member of The Rocker Covers is now concentrating on making original music. Continuing to play in 60s Hammond groove combo Big Boss Man and the legendary psychobilly band the Coffin Nails, moonlighting with The Kings Of Outer Space, and is currently working on a new rhythm'n'blues / northern soul / country / rockin' band together called 'The Hawkmen'...debut album coming soon.

The Kings Of Outer Space have a brand new album to be released on 5th September 2016, but available to order now from FreakCity:
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THE ROCKER COVERS BIOGRAPHY - 2010 to February 2014:
The Rocker Covers came together in 2010 when Kris and Scott (The Hawk) Milsom decided to play around with authentic sounding rockabilly versions of modern contemporary pop songs. Kris and Scott soon found their third member in drummer Ian, who they had previously worked with in another band. Initially Kris laughed at Scott's idea to call the band 'The Rocker Covers’ but the name fitted and it stuck!
The guys started working on dismantling and re-arranging some of the biggest chart-toppers and pop classics they could think of.
They hit the road, bringing their revved up revue to stages all over the UK, mainland Europe and even as far as South America, playing all places that would give them an audience. Anywhere from small pubs/clubs through to car shows, tattoo conventions and festivals, each time leaving their mark and having the crowds dancing, singing along and always wanting more.

Their debut long player, ‘Revved Up’ (Greystone Records), consisted of rocking up tempo versions of hits from the likes of Lady GaGa, Green Day, The Beastie Boys and Kings Of Leon just to name a few, and the album was met with a fantastic response. People loved the stripped down songs and warm and energetic sound created in the Dog House Music Studio. After the release of Revved Up, the boys were asked to lend a song to Japanese label Rude Runner Records for a limited edition 7” so they chose and recorded the Housemartins classic ‘Happy Hour’ as a nod to what could be expected from album number two.


In 2013 the band returned to the Dog House Music Studio to record the follow up to 'Revved Up'. The second album entitled 'New Old Stock' was released on Greystone Records on 21st October 2013.

'Revved Up' - Press Release:

Ladies and gentlemen…meet THE ROCKER COVERS the supercharged new rockabilly project from Kris ‘Rock-It’, Scott ‘The Hawk’ Milsom (Coffin Nails) and Ian ‘Boss’ Bostic who are hell-bent on hitting the charts with their bass-slappin’, fret-twanging, snare-shuffling new album Revved Up. Recorded on a Revox tape machine, using an original Reslo mic in Milsom’s Dog House Studio in the UK and mixed in Transylvania, this LP consists of thirteen big-boppin’ rockabilly versions of contemporary rock standards from the likes of Green Day, Beastie Boys and Kings Of Leon. The packed live shows of this year and the 300,000 thousand views of first video American Idiot on Youtube speak for themselves. The Rocker Covers are revved up and rollin’!

Original Blurb:

Recently discovered under a pile of mouldering jump-blues master tapes in Bristol’s famous Dog House Studios, are these huge hip-shaking cuts from the mighty Rocker Covers. Previously, it was assumed that all that remained of the ‘Cover’s “work” was a half-finished restoration of a rusty Ford Zephyr and an enthusiastic karaoke-tape version of Shakin Stevens’ “Merry Christmas Everyone” by the band’s front man. Thinking themselves penniless, the boys had gone off to work as jobbing mastic-asphalt spreaders and seaside tattooists but in the wake of their master cuts being found…they reunited. Having dug out the Revox tape machine and their one Reslo mic, the band hit the studio to record big-boppin’ rockabilly versions of contemporary rock standards. Hell-bent on hitting the road with their bass-slappin’, fret-twanging, snare-shuffling sound, they’re all set to bat those baseballs right out of the stadium - ladies and gentlemen…it’s the Rocker Covers!!

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